Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miscellaneous Bits...

A friend found the lyrics to the song Joy on youtube. Click on it to be encouraged and excited about the hope we have in our Lord, Jesus Christ!
Update: Still waiting for my Dr. here to get a hold of my new Dr. at UCSD. Apparently she is a very busy woman...taking that as a sign that she is a SUPER doc;)
Guessing this means I will not be starting treatment this week. Dr. Havard (Visalia) wants to be sure Dr. Helsten (UCSD) is in agreement on treatment so I don't get to San Diego and have them say, "It would have been better if we did___ first and then ___".

Here are a few snapshots from October ...
pumpkin patch with jameson's kindergarten class

cvc grandparents day/fall festival

cvc grandparents day

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