Friday, June 20, 2014


Good night! I'm thinking UCSD should start paying me, since I'm having to assist them with details. Lol:)
Thursday afternoon I finally contacted my oncologist via email. She responded quickly, saying she was out of town and didn't realize I hadn't received the petscan results. Hmmm, glad I said something or we would have still been waiting! (Thank you for your patience!)
She had to give me the results thru email which was ok since there wasn't much "new" news. We will go over the details at my appt on July 7th. The petscan "lit up", showing the same left pleural & diaphragmic nodules that showed up from the previous scan. The only other new area is that the sternum (breast bone) seems to be involved. This was the only bone area that was abnormal. 
Essentially this is good news and a huge "thank you Jesus" . There are always a thousand things to be thankful for...thank you that there isn't cancer in any major organs, that it's not in the brain, that I feel pretty normal, that we are enjoying time with friends and family, that I listened to my body and found it now, that I have so many caring and dedicated cheerleaders on my side of the playing field.....

Read this this morning...
Psalm 16:1, 9
Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust.
Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices; my flesh also will rest in hope.

(Ok love the whole chapter but didn't want to type it out:)


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog Britton. Dave and I are committed to praying for you every day. We just love your family!

  2. Hi Britton,
    Sorry that I am leaving a comment here but any hoo...This is Julie (Julez) Brown married to Aaron... from YLFC a million years ago. You have been on my heart. I have been wanting to pray healing over you! Can you contact me at so we can exchange information. We have half a dozen ourselves...3 girls and 1 boy...(he is all i can handle ha, ha) okay looking forward to hearing from you Britton! Blessings! Julez


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