Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Glorious Get Away

We love to vacay. But, let's be honest, who doesn't? Fluffy beds, heated pools, people picking up after you, turning your bed down at night, room service, the kid's sun kissed cheeks...the list could go on forever. 
We were mighty blessed this week to accompany Jason on an executive leadership retreat to Laguna Beach. (Yes, even when you live near the beach you want to "retreat" to the beach)
He was in meetings all day but we managed ;) to pass the time bouncing between the beach, tide pools and pool. It was so relaxing & provided some good "down" time to reflect and soak in all God's blessings and also spend time with friends, who loved on us.
As we were leaving the hotel, I finally received the call to schedule my petscan (had been waiting for insurance to ok it). It will take place on Friday at 11am, lasting about 2-3 hours. Thank you for your continued prayers! (For my vein to be easily accessed, peace while I lay still for that long, nothing NEW to show up on the scan other than where they think the cancer is)
I will also be starting Tamoxifen this weekend (please pray for NO side effects and GREAT results).
Love & God's peace to you...

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